My Grandma Freda taught me how to sew, and from the first item I made, I knew deep down, this would always be my escape, my therapy.

Flash forward to this past summer 2017, when a newly appointed supervisor said to me at our first meeting “I’ve always had assistants younger than you.” Younger than me? Seriously? I am not that old! This was my first red flag that this was not going to be a good match.

Two months later, Hurricane Harvey hit Houston. One of the worst rain-making hurricanes of all-time. My first hurricane. To say it was a life-changing event will never describe the devastation, ruined lives and homes, or the emotional turmoil that our community faced.

For me, Harvey taught me life-long lessons, one being that I can’t control everything, but I could control MY happiness and MY path!

I wanted more! I wanted to work AND be happy, I wanted a supervisor more like me. Being the go-getting person that I am, I resigned and decided to build my own path doing what I loved and enjoyed, crafting and sewing!

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